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Written By: Judy McGonagill - Mar• 15•15

An Irish Story for Saint Patrick’s Day

It happened in the wee hamlet of Kinsdale, Ireland the home of my very own grandpa, one Liam O’Brien. (more…)


Written By: Judy McGonagill - Feb• 24•15

The sun was bright and warm for early March. Much too pretty of a day to be in the local cemetery listening to the minister’s final words before Mark McClure was laid to rest.

I looked around at the sad faces and could hear his widow’s soft sobs. Funerals were such a sad occasion for families and friends to come together to lament over their memories of the person no longer present. Sadly, it seems to be a necessary ending for all of us.

Then it occurred to me that on my next birthday, I was going to give myself one whing-ding of a birthday party. (more…)

October 13, 1915

Written By: Judy McGonagill - Jan• 30•15

This was the date of an exciting event in the small west Texas town of Stamford. This was the day the Buffalo Bill Cody Wild West Show came to town. (more…)


Written By: Judy McGonagill - Dec• 20•14

It’s that time of the year. It is time for one of our family traditions to begin again. I’m not exactly sure when or how it started but it has been going on for close to forty years. (more…)


Written By: Judy McGonagill - Nov• 21•14

So here I am lying in the MRI machine wondering how something that started out so simple turned out like this. (more…)


Written By: Judy McGonagill - Oct• 31•14

Do I believe in ghost? Well, I am still trying to resolve that issue. Up until about fifteen years ago I would have laughed at such a question, but now I’m not so sure. This is how it happened. (more…)


Written By: Judy McGonagill - Oct• 17•14

Nora unlocked the door, disarmed the security system, and dropped her purse and keys on the hall table. Clutching the carry out bag from a nearby Bar-B-Que Restaurant, she walked toward the kitchen kicking off her high heels before she reached the end of the hallway. She placed the bag on the shiny granite countertop of the center island.

Nora breathed in the scent of her kitchen. There was nothing. (more…)


Written By: Judy McGonagill - Sep• 04•14

Three more days and she would turn thirty-four. Amy smiled as she thought about her upcoming birthday. She and Ryan had been married ten years, and each year brought another surprise when it came to the gift she received for her birthday or Christmas. Poor Ryan was at a loss on special occasions when a woman expected a slightly extravagant or sentimental gift. (more…)


Written By: Judy McGonagill - Aug• 07•14

I found my old diary the other day and started reading about my distant past. I had never kept a diary until I was twenty-two years old and in the hospital in 1972. Until then I didn’t have the time or feel the need to write down my inner thoughts or deep dark secrets. Ha Ha! (more…)


Written By: Judy McGonagill - Jun• 28•14

Back when school was always out by the end of May and didn’t start until after Labor Day kids enjoyed far more freedom. The long, lazy days of summer passed slowly. There wasn’t much to do in our small town. Most of the children attended one or more of the two-week Vacation Bible Schools provided by each of the four churches. They were over at noon. That left a long afternoon to fill before it was time to report home for supper. (more…)